D’Arcy Capital Management

D’Arcy Capital, a fee-only registered investment advisory (RIA) firm and institutional money manager, was created to provide experienced investors with high-touch advisory and performance driven investment management. We offer comprehensive money management and financial planning services for private investors, as well as global large cap value and bond management strategies for institutional clients. Established in 2011 by Brett D’Arcy and Krysta Cordill, D’Arcy Capital takes a research-focused and relationship-based approach to money management.

Our Focus Areas

Expertise (Click to Open)

D’Arcy Capital delivers the expertise and professionalism of institutional resources, combined with the long-lasting relationships you’d expect from a smaller firm. We deliver a personal experience that investors simply can’t find at large firms; with a call, email or text, D’Arcy Capital clients always have direct access to the firm’s partners.

Active Investing (Click to Open)

In addition to providing high-touch client care, D’Arcy Capital focuses on active investing, staying at the forefront of market research and uncovering future investment opportunities.

Independent Research (Click to Open)

Because we are driven to achieve returns that exceed strategy benchmarks, we conduct our own independent research in-house, and share the findings, as well as our investment theses and security selections, with our clients. By conducting independent research, maintaining low overhead and using institutional trading, D’Arcy Capital provides clients with low-cost, high-quality portfolio management.

Unbiased Advice (Click to Open)

Our clients’ financial wellbeing is our top priority, and that’s why D’Arcy Capital operates without sales goals or business development targets. We focus instead on maximizing our clients’ success and identifying new investment opportunities, confident that our own firm will grow organically.