Institutional Clients

D’Arcy Capital provides global large cap value and bond management strategies to institutional clients and high-net-worth individuals wishing to outsource just a portion of their asset management. We take an active approach to institutional investing, and provide our clients with strategies that are income-based and research-focused.



No-commission fee structure: As a fee-only registered investment advisor, D’Arcy Capital acts as a fiduciary and never charges commissions. As a result, our investment selections are made solely with our clients’ financial wellbeing in mind.

Independent research: We conduct our own market research in-house, and share our findings with our clients. This keeps us at the forefront of market trends, and holds us accountable for our investment decisions. From the initial research to the strategy execution, we see our clients’ investment process through from start to finish.

Experience you can trust: Firm founder Brett D’Arcy has more than 15 years of investment management experience. Additionally, Brett has developed a proprietary method for selecting income-producing value stocks with a high capacity for growth, which impacts each investment decision made by D’Arcy Capital.

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