Institutional Asset Management

We specialize in providing institutional asset management within the following investment strategies:


Global Large Cap Value Fund

D’Arcy Capital Management specializes in Global Large Cap Value Funds, using a proprietary research process based on fundamental analysis in order to make the most effective investment decisions for our clients. The Global Large Cap Value Fund portfolio consists of dividend-paying stocks, which provide efficient income and growth potential. The minimum investment for the Global Large Cap Value Fund is $250,000.

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Bond Management

We offer bond management strategies that include municipal bond management for tax-free income and total bond portfolios with investment-grade corporate and government bonds. The minimum investment for our bond management portfolios is $1,000,000.

Investment Selection Process (Click to Open)

D’Arcy Capital selects investments solely with our clients’ best interests in mind. Based on our in-house research, we identify investments with strong potential for growth that match our clients’ unique needs. Our four-step investment selection process combines research, analysis and the active approach to investing that makes our firm unique:

  1. Identify stocks with discounted valuations. By choosing stocks that are undervalued and have a strong potential for growth, D’Arcy Capital provides the best value for clients.
  2. Exclude stocks without income. We keep our clients’ long-term goals in mind, focusing on investments that promise dividends.
  3. Analyze stocks for growth igniter. We assess a stock’s EBITDA Margin, which measures earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization, divided by total income.
  4. Buy stock. From initial research to stock purchase, D’Arcy Capital provides expertise and support every step of the way.

How do we help institutional clients?